Asia Pacific Technology Agnostic Leaders in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Enterprise Intelligence is on track to becoming the most productive technology, recovering 6.2 billion hours of productivity by 2021, and generating $2.9 trillion in business value globally, when paired with human intelligence,  The biggest pain point emerging from world leading research firms is the lack of specialised skills, with 47% of Chief Information Officers reporting that they needed new skills for AI Projects .

ACTIONX offers client commercial training packages, using state-of-the-art technologies, and the greatest minds in post-doctorate research. We offer both out-of-the-box or developed classes delivered onsite or remote by a qualified practitioner.  

Classes include interactive and practical lessons on data science, machine learning, deep learning & artificial intelligence for your public or private organisation. 


  • Onsite, Remote or Online
  • Flexible Day Packages
  • Opensource & Commercial Programming
  • Practical & Interactive
  • Customisable Content
  • Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure"

ACTIONX identified top key reasons why data science, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence adoption plans and proof of concepts ‘fail’. 

Lack of clear project definitions, missions and goals, wrong or incorrectly applied use cases, lack of specialised skills, limited or failed funding approval, no sponsorship, security & technology risks, lack of data management and governance, system integration challenges, inability to measure the potential and future value correctly, poor governance, limited to no strategy & project alignment and more.

With reasons for failure in  mind, we offer services to share our depth of skills and experience with our clients. From technical to strategic consulting we ensure your success. 



  • Maturity & Capability Assessments
  • Crafting & Implementation of Strategy and Strategic Planning
  • Developing Models and Technical Capability
  • Production, Deployment & Integration of Models
  • Technology Platform Evaluation
  • Workshops & Executive Board Presentations

“An investment in knowledge always pays back ten-fold"

Data science, machine Learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence hype is challenging business and technical decisions from around the world. With new advancements in old technology, speed of change, and disruptive technology, there is no room for ‘failure or lessons learnt’.

ACTIONX advisory services addresses your most pressing and key concerns, helping guide you, and your team. 

We help soundboard and validate your strategic and technical direction on use cases, ethics, regulatory, latest implementations of AI, the evolution of human and machine interaction, the rise and impact of AI assistants and chat bots, when to adopt AI and much more.

With advisory services tailored to you only the best decisions are made and lay the foundation to your success. 


  • CXO Advisory & Soundboarding
  • Developer, Technical & Architectural Support
  • Document, Code & Model Review
  • Research Insights & Reports
  • Adoption Planning & Road Mapping
  • Regulatory & Ethical Advisory
  • Technology Platform Review